Skip the follow up question when answering 'no'

Dear Support Team,
In my survey I want to ask 12 main questions with all 1 sub follow up question. These second questions in each section only have to be answered when the answer to the first question is ‘Ja’. But with the settings I am using the questionaire does not jump to the next section when the answer is ‘Nee’. What am I doing wrong?

Hello there.
For this, you need to use Criteria for changing the flow of questions. Follow these instruction:

  1. Select the 2nd question in each section. (I’m doing section 1 as an example here. Do the same for the other sections.)

  2. Go to Question Properties.

  3. In the Criteria field, write Q17880_1 == 1. Note that in this example, 17880 is the survey ID that I have created (Your survey ID is different), 1 refers to question 1 in the survey, and the other 1 is the ID of the first answer (Ja in your case).

  4. Next, you need to go to Answer Properties.

  5. In the Next Section field, select the ID of the next section. So, if the next section is section 2 for instance, you need to select Section ID: 2.
    Follow these steps for the other sections as well. And remember that the questions IDs will be different for the other sections. So, if there are Q3 and Q4 in the second section, your Criteria will be Q17880_3 == 1.
    Please take a look at the screenshots in the following messages.


I’ve added two screenshots to help you better understand the instructions. This is the first one:

And this is the second screenshot:

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