Setting “Base Time” of a Time TL to the Completion Date of a Different Survey?

How can I set the “Base Time” in a Time-triggered TL to the completion date of a different survey? For example, if a participant completes a “I’m feeling sick” survey (user triggered) at some point during the study, how can I set up a follow up survey to be administered every 3 days thereafter to monitor the progress of the illness?
I have set the criteria for the follow up survey to be contingent on the results of the “I’m feeling sick” survey but am unsure of what to put for Base Time.

Hi @patrick.seitzinger

You cannot set the “Base time” after a specific response is submitted to a given survey. What you can do is to set the Base Time as 0 so the survey starts right away, but then set a criteria to the Triggering Logic such that the survey is only enabled if the participant reported “I’m feeling sick”. This way, even though the Base Time says survey should start from Time 0, the triggering logic won’t prompt the survey as long as its criteria is false (i.e. the participant has not reported sick).

Hope this helps

Thank you for the solution! This is exactly what I was looking for.