Sessions not visualized


Study ID: 2897, participant ID: 74234

For the survey ID 17742 I see no planned activities for the participant in the “Sessions” section. I should be able to visualize 5 notifications per day for 2 weeks, 1 week break and then another further week of 5 notifications per day. I suppose my participant is not receiving any notification.

Can you help me in solve this issue?
For all the other participants, there was no problem.

Thank you!


Thank you for getting in touch. I understand your desired outcome. However, it seems that the participant ID you’ve mentioned (74234) doesn’t match any participant in study 2897. Nevertheless, I’ve thoroughly checked the current participants, and their sessions seem to be aligned with the schedule you’ve described.

To resolve this, could you please double-check the participant ID and confirm their successful enrollment in the study?

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I have solved, asking the participant to enroll again installing the app.

Thanks for your supporto!


That is great! Glad to know your issue is addressed. Please feel free to create another topic in case you faced any other issue. We’re here to help.