Sensor data - Variable labels

Hi all,

I downloaded sensor data, but have found it difficult to retrieve the meaning of variable labels (I was not the one who coded these). I hope I could find help from this forum.

In the accelerometer data, what do “activity_type” and “confidence_level” mean?
In the screen-state data, what do “FALSE” and “TRUE” mean?

Thank you very much!

Hi @chumanhluan1005

Thanks for your question. I think this part of our documentation can help you understand the variables in the exported data.

I should clarify that Accelerometer does not have activity_type nor confidence_interval. I believe you are referring to the “Activity Recognition” which is another data source.


Thank you very much, Hashemian. Yes, that was “Activity Recognition”, not “Accelerator” .


I would also like to ask how I can calculate the total time for the “Screen state” variable when the phone is ON. Sorry for the naive question.



The data shows when the phone was turned on (TRUE), and when it was turned off (FALSE). The time the phone was on and user was interacting with the device then will be:

sum of all (record[n + 1].time - record[n].time) given record[n].state = TRUE

Basically the duration from the next “turn off event” to the current “turn on event”.

Hope it makes sense.

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Thanks, Hashemian. Do you have that in the R programming?

Unfortunately not. Sorry.

Thanks for your help!