Sending reminders

I am wondering whether it is possible to send a reminder to participants who do not respond to the survey after some time (e.g. 15 min). I know how to time notifications, but do not understand how to notify only the participants who have not responded as opposed to everyone.
Could you help me with this?

Hi @e.m.s.dinkelberg

You can set multiple notifications for your survey. For example, one after 0 minutes (right away), and another one after 30 minutes. This way, if the participant responds to the survey before 30 minutes, the second notification will not be prompted.

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Hi Mohammad,

In practical terms it means that in the section “Notifications” you have to set-up several notifications, right? For instance, the first one with “offset = send the notification immediately” a second one (a reminder) with “send the notification after 30 minutes” and a third with “send the notifications after 1 day”?

In that case, it’s not clear to me what we should enter in the “criteria case” for the notification/reminder #2 and #3;

If I do not want to send the reminders #2 and #3 when the first notification leads my participant to answer the survey, what should I put in the case “criteria” for the two notifications #2 and #3?

Similarly, If I do not want to send the reminder #3 when participants have filled the survey after the reminder #2; what should I specify in the case “criteria” for the notification #3?

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Many thanks
Guillaume (study ID: 1813 / study-name: CONTENT-app / survey ID: 12598)

Hi @guillaume.chevance

The criteria is explained in detail here. It’s basically used when you want the notification to be sent when a certain criteria is met.

To better answer your questions, you would need to read the above link about criteria.

Hope it helps