Running into issues with app stating "Avicenna has stopped"

We continue to run into issues with the app saying multiple times per day that “Avicenna has stopped. This can impact your study participation. Tap here to re-open the app”. The issue is that the person is in the App everyday – but we are still getting that message. Does anyone know how we can avoid or fix this?

Dear @asusnacstudy ,
the termination notification is part of the normal behavior of the application in iOS. This is due to the iOS restrictions. However, if it is happening unusually frequently, it might indicate that either the study is using too much resources or the device has low resources (as a result of many running apps or hardware limitations). If this only happens to one of the participants then the latter is probably the case.

Please refer here for more info

We are only tracking GPS for the study so is there a way to change how frequently the app is gathering this data? Right now it is showing 80% and 61% in operation for two different phones.

Sorry for the late reply dear @asusnacstudy .
The GPS already collects the data as efficiently as it can. Could you please send me the study id and ids of the two problematic participants?

Dear @asusnacstudy ,
please note that removing the application’s tile from the list of the opened apps (the list you see when you pull up the handle on the bottom of the screen) will terminate the app and cause the mentioned notification to be shown. Please make sure that the participants do not terminate the app manually