Retrieve responses not uploaded to the system

In study 1018 were are having some difficulties with respondents who receive notifications and complete surveys, yet were are not able to see their responses. They are marked as NA.

We described this problem previously in topic Survey responses not uploaded in the system - Support - Ethica Forum (

Thanks to the Ethica team, we now know that reinstalling the Ethica app works to receive new responses:

Thanks again for helping us!

However, as is shown in the print screen above, the older responses (from pre-reinstalling the app) remain invisible and labelled as NA to us. In Survey responses not uploaded in the system - Support - Ethica Forum ( we have been reassured that their responses are not lost. Is it perhaps possible for the Ethica team to retrieve the responses?

It concerns the following IDs and time periods from study 1018:
39544 - time period: june 12, 2021 - june 22, 2021
39612 - time period: june 20, 2021 - july 2, 2021
39909 - time period: june 21, 2021 - july 1, 2021
40001 - time period: june 22, 2021 - july 1, 2021

Thank you!

Hi, we are still wondering whether it is possible to retrieve these responses. Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @av.vroegindeweij

Sorry I did not post an update here. We did process all data again and made sure any responses submitted by the participant is available through the website. So the content of the website is now fully up-to-date.

We also made a few changes to prevent the problem from happening again.


Thanks Mohammad! Your help is much appreciated.