Response time for questionnaire

Dear Ethica support,

I have copied some questionnaires from an older study to a new one and am now in the process of testing it before using it for our participants. In the old study (created in the old Ethica environment) we adjusted the time each of the questionnaires would be “open” to participants so that e.g., a questionnaire in the evening was left open for a longer time so participants could answer it whenever they were ready to go to bed.

When I tested it, this setting seems to have been lost somehow. Can you tell me how and where to re-implement this?

Best wishes,

Update: the expiry time is still correct and in line with the initial setting, but in practice the questionnaire still closed very quickly.

Hi @e.l.demoor

I’m not sure what you mean by surveys being “closed quickly”. As you know, each survey has an expiry time. When the survey is prompted, it remains active for the participant until it expires. Can you explain what do you mean by “expiry time being correct, but the survey getting closed quickly”?

Thank you