Reminder for a specific survey


I was wondering is there a way to send automatic reminders for a specific survey? For instance, if I send a survey at 5 pm and a person has until 10 pm to respond, I want to remind them every hour if they have not completed it.


Hi @arasht

Our notification system exactly designed for that purpose. Here you can read how they work, but they are also pretty intuitive and straightforward.

You basically define a set of notification templates like the following:

  • 1 Hour after prompt time, with content C1, over medium M1 (where M1 can be email, SMS, and/or in-app)
  • 2 Hours after prompt time, with content C2, over medium M2
  • 3 Hours after prompt time, with content C3, over medium M3

And the system will prompt those notifications and will give you detailed update about the status of each through the dashboard.

Hope it helps,