Registration problem


Recently I wanted to test out the time triggering logic in my study (Study ID: 1453) by signing myself up (with a personal email account) as a participant, but I can’t seem to sign up for my study. I get some kind of error saying I’m unable to register for the study when I click “register”. I’ve tried this with several separate participant accounts using different email addresses now and it just doesn’t seem to work. However, the mock participants do all show up in my participants tab in the project page. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks!


Hi @e.m.s.dinkelberg

It seems there was a problem with one of the surveys (#8025) where for one of the triggering logics no “end date” was set. So the system would enroll the participant, but when scheduling the surveys, it would fail because of this. I fixed the issue and you should try out the survey with your dummy participants now.


This seems to have resolved the issue, thank you very much!


We seem to have the same issue (study 1413).
Participants try to sign up but it doesn’t work.
It usually works when we tell them to delete the app and try again.
Do you know what the issue is here?

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The image above is a generic error message, when the app cannot register in the study and also the encountered error is not a common error.

If this happens again, please contact my colleagues at support ( and provide the participant ID and the time of error, and they can investigate what has been the root cause of the problem.