Randomizing participants

Hey there,

I would like to know whether I can create (random) samples of my participants. I would like to create 3 different groups: control, treatment 1 and treatment 2. Seems like a common feature of an experimental study to me but, unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information about this on the website. I will probably already randomize the participants in another program before letting the participants sign up for the study in ethica data. So what is more relevant to me is to know whether I can also manually create three groups in my pool of participants.

Thanks in advance

Hi @sina.heckenberger

You can design multiple arms for your study, but I should confess it’s not very straightforward. We are planning to improve it in the near future.

How you can achieve it now is by using criteria feature. Basically, you design all components for all arms in your study, and then assign each of them a criteria such that the component will enabled only if the participant is part of that arm.

For example, assume in your study there are 2 arms. You want to have a baseline survey, and 4 followup surveys, two for Arm A and two for Arm B. Then you want participants to be part of Arm A or Arm B depending on the answers they give to the baseline survey.

To achieve this, you set the baseline without any criteria, so everyone receives it and responds to it. Then you create your four followup surveys, but set a criteria on followup survey A and B, and set another criteria for on followup survey C and D. This way, depending on the answers participants provide, they either fall in the first or the second arm.

I understand there are shortcomings with this approach, but I hope it can serve your case.