Random presentation of section/question

For my study (ID: 1453) I would like to add some kind of attention check question in one of the questionnaires that participants receive multiple times a day, to see which participants just skip through the questions without paying attention. However, to keep the items presented in my questionnaires at a minimum, I would like this question to be included in the questionnaire only sometimes (e.g. in 20% of daily measurements, based on random selection). Is there a way to achieve this?
Thank you in advance,

Hi @e.m.s.dinkelberg

If I understood correctly, you want one question in the survey to be shown only 20% of the time, and nothing to be shown instead of it for the other 80%. If yes, unfortunately I cannot think of a way to achieve this. You can have a randomization, but that focuses on random selection of a subset or randomizing the order of the questions.

Thank you