Questions regarding survey answer set up using placeholders in Ethica

I just have 2 quick questions related to the set up of placeholders in Ethica surveys.

For the new study: 926 in Ethica, I am trying to set up answers for a particular question in a survey based on responses from the baseline survey. I tried the place holder option, but it is not helping me to get the values. Hence any help or suggestion from your side is great. Details are below:

  1. For the survey_id:4751, I need to set 3 answer choices to the question: Q.16, based on answers of the user from 3 previously answered questions: Q.4, Q.6 and Q.7 of baseline survey_id:4735. I tried to implement this in the same way you have explained the usage of placeholders for questions in the documentation (please refer to Q.16 of survey_id: 4751). But it is not working for the answers I set. And not sure if I am doing it correctly. If you could kindly guide me that would be great.

  2. Then for the same survey_id:4751 - I set the 45 button trigger logic based on your instructions from the previous call using answer options of Q4+Q6+Q7 in the baseline survey. But for that same survey, we would also like to capture the name of the triggered button inside the survey question.
    Ex.on the Q1 of survey_id:4751 I want to show “Report a Dialeptic Seizure (Type 1),” which is the button name of survey trigger logic 1. I leave the space for it in the text for your reference if you could kindly help me or guide me through setting it based on the triggered button name that would be great.

Teena Thomas

Hi @teenathomasv

Regarding your first question, unfortunately the placeholders only work as part of the question content, and not in the answers. For that, you would need to use skip patterns and have multiple copies of Q. 16, each with a different possible answer set.

Regarding your second question, this depends where the text of the button come from. Assume the caption of the triggering button is “Report a Dialeptic Seizure (Type 1)”, where “Dialeptic Seizure” is the chosen answer for Q4 and “(Type 1)” is the chosen answer for Q6 of the baseline. Then you can use variable substitution here as below:

Report a {{QXXX_4}} ({{QXXX_6}})

As part of the question content for your survey. In this case, the app substitutes QXXX_4 with whatever they have chosen as the answer for Q. 4 of the baseline, and substitutes QXXX_6 with whatever they have chosen as the answer for Q. 6 of the baseline.

If you cannot make such mapping between the answers of the Q4, Q6 and Q7 of the baseline and the content of the question, then unfortunately you cannot use variable substitution. You would need to use branching here as well.

Keep in mind that variable substitution does not support branching inside them. They simply substitute a variable with their relevant value.

Hope it helps

Thanks much Mohammed.