Questionnaire available during whole time period

Dear Support,

For my ESM study I want the following questionnaires:

  • 7x random questionnaire during the day. This activity I already made.
  • 1x morning questionnaire available from 05:00 till 12:00 every day, without sound notification.
  • 1x evening questionnaire available from 19:00 till 00:00 every day, without sound notification.

How do I make these morning/evening questionnaires to be available during these whole periods?

I hope that you are doing great.

For your questionnaires, you need to set a Time Triggering Logic and then specify the Expiry Time.
For the morning questionnaire, follow these steps:

  • Go to Researcher DashboardActivities PageActivity Editor.
  • Once you’re in the Activity Editor, open the Triggering Logics (TL) tab, delete the default User TL, and then select the Time TL.
  • For First Trigger, type 05:00:00
  • For Repetition, select Repeatedly trigger the activity, and Daily, every 1 day.

Now, you need to set the Expiry time.

  • Open the Content tab in the Activity Editor.
  • Open Settings from the left-side panel.
  • Find Expiry Time and set it to expire After 7 hours (You want your survey to be available for 7 hours until 12).

Follow the steps above for your evening questionnaire. Remember to set the Expiry Time to After 5 hours.

To learn more about time TL, you can take a look at the link below:

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Dear Aso,

Thanks for your support. Is it also possible to turn off the sound notification for the morning and evening questionnaire? Since I do not want to wake up the participants at 5AM