Question on "capture location option"

Hi there,

I am not interested in getting continuous GPS data in my study but I do like the option to generate a gps point when my participant fill their survey with the “capture location” option,

Question: assuming that my participants will fill all the items from my survey in a short time window of 5 minutes; should I only generate the GPS data for one item of my survey or all of them?

In other words, do you recommand me to turn on the option “capture location” for all the items of my survey or only for one of them (e.g., the first one)?

Many thanks,

Guillaume (study ID: 1813 / study-name: CONTENT-app / survey ID: 12598)

I believe what you are looking for is here, right?


Not really : ) my participants will answer the questions in a short time interval (5-min) - if I capture the location for all items, I should have repeateadly the same location, right?

Which looks useless. So I am wondering if only capturing the location for one item of the survey isn’t more efficient than having the same location generated for all items (assuming that they are not moving when answering the survey).

Any feedbacks welcome - thank you

Well, capturing location is a bit more complicated. Often it takes a bit time to get the first coordinates, and capturing more location coordinates improves the accuracy. Also, the participant might be on the move during that 5 minutes when she is responding to the questions. So collecting location data for the whole duration of responding to the surveys is a better option to ensure you get the data you are looking for.


Very clear - many thanks Mohammad : )