Problems with adding too many questions

Hi Team,

Study ID: 1585

In our daily questionnaires, we have a section in which there is a multiple-choice question with 24 items and for each of the items, we added a follow-up VAS question. These 24 follow-up questions are not enabled initially, only to be enabled if the related item is checked by the participant in the multiple-choice question. However, in this case, we get an error reporting there are too many questions in one section. We tried dividing the VAS questions into different sections, but then when one box is checked on the multiple-choice question, it goes directly to the related VAS question. How can we make that participants check as many boxes as they want on the multiple-choice question and then get the VAS questions based on what they checked from the list? What would be your suggestions?

I hope to have made it clear!


Hi Yelda,

I suggest you move all of the questions back to one section, as it was before. Then save the survey. In this case, during the publish you get an error saying “There are too many questions in this page”. Then you can email our support and they will publish the survey right away.

We are making a change to our Survey Editor which will fix this issue, and I expect the change to be rolled out by early next week. In the meantime, my colleagues at support can help, until we fix it.

Thanks again and sorry for the inconvenience