Problem: Server error

one of our participant is having the following problems:

Could you help us solve this issue please?

All the best,

Hi @esm.raziskava

This is been likely a network issue. We have tried multiple times and could not reproduce the problem. Every time it worked as expected.

Please let me know if despite the proper network connection, the sign up still fails.


Thank you for the answer. Now, everything is working fine.

Hi! I also got this notification, eventhough the network connection is OK. I even switched to other connection as a test, but still got the notification.

Can you help?

Hi @l.kleinhaneveld

This happens also when our servers are down. We had a scheduled maintenance (reported from our status page) over the weekend which might have caused this.

I assume it’s working as expected now.


Hi @m.hashemian
No unfortunately the problem is still there. On other smartphones I don’t get that notification and works everything fine. I am suspecting that it has something to do with this phone, but can’t find the problem.

Hmm, that’s odd. @l.kleinhaneveld can you please provide the ID of the user or the email address you are trying to login with. Also can you share the information of the device you are using? You can also send an email to if you want to keep this information private. But I suspect this is related to the model of the phone you are using.


I think you’re right. I was able to find a newer model Samsung for the participant to use and now everything works fine.