Present survey pages based on random number evaluation

Hi, I was wondering whether it is possible to present certain pages of a survey at random (so that for each survey only some of the pages are displayed and these are chosen randomly).

I think it would be easiest to use page criteria and evaluate against a random number. Does Ethica have such a feature? Or is there another way to implement this?

Hi @sarah.kritzler

Yes, this is feasible. As of now, our Survey Editor does not allow setting survey pages to be shown randomly. But you can edit the JSON file of the survey definition to add this option. The survey schema defined here explains how this can be done (under tag random_section_selection)

But I understand modifying JSON is a bit tricky and might not be straightforward. We are releasing a new Survey Editor in the next two weeks which has this option in its user interface. So alternatively you can wait for the next Survey Editor to set the randomization of your sections.

Hope it helps