Participating multiple times in one study

Dear sir/madam,

My research requires participants to go through the same 6-day ESM protocol three times over the span of 10 weeks. I have noticed when piloting the study myself that I can not sign up for the study with the same email address twice. I wonder if you know any easy way to have participants go through three cycles of my project (the starting date of each new round needs to be flexible)?
I was thinking I could make three versions of the Ethica project and have participants sign up to each of them once, but I have not found an easy way to copy the entire project efficiently with one click. Is this possible?
Thank you so much in advance!!

Hi @e.m.s.dinkelberg

Ideally you would configure your study surveys to be prompted three times, once for each ESM, for example ESM 1 starts on Week 1, ESM 2 starts on Week 4, and ESM 3 on Week 7.

If this is not what you want, then the only option would be copying the studies. For that you need to create a new study, and copy surveys over to the new study. Unfortunately there is no easy way to duplicate an entire study.

Hope it helps,