Participants see when survey will be send

Hi there,

In our study (#676) we work with a semi random time interval between three daily questionnaires (e.g. morning between 9:00-11:00, afternoon 14:00-16:00, evening 19:00-21:00). These time intervals are the only information we want the participant to be getting about when the survey will be send to them, to prevent extra anticipation.
However, we noticed that in the Ethica app, under settings -> notifications it now says when the next survey is scheduled with the exact time etc.
Is it possible to hide this announcement?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @m.karacaoglu

Unfortunately at the moment we don’t have this option. We have in our roadmap to add it though.

The reason this time is shown is because we use a certain type of alarm on Android devices to notify participants about the time of their surveys, and this alarm time is shown to the user.


Hi Mohammad,

Thank you for your quick reply and your explanation!
Is this a newly implemented change? I can not recall seeing it earlier when we were setting up the study. And how will we know that the option to hide the announcement will become available? Is it possible to be contacted when it is?


We have added this option for around 6 months or so. This was necessary to make sure the survey is being prompted exactly on time on all different Android phones.

Regarding the new changes, we expect this to happen within the next 6 months, but we don’t have a clear timeline for it.

About notifying you when this is rolled out, I try to keep in mind to do so, but just in case I forget, you may wanna follow up in a few months.

Thanks again,