Participants are not receiving questionnaires

Dear Support team,

Our experiment consists of two activities, pre-test (17161) and posttest (17919).
The pre-test was supposed to be prompted on the 12th of January and end after 12 occurrences, so the last would be prompted at the 23th.

The post-test was supposed to be prompted from the 26th of January and also end after 12 occurrences, with the last questionnaire being prompted on the 6th of February.

We encountered several problems as reported by the participants.

For some participants, there is no post-test data and those students reported that the activity did not become available to them at all during this period. Even if these students just did not fill in the questionnaire, we would still get the result: expired. However in the data there are not data points for these students at all.

  •    For instance participants: 66439 and 66438

For some participants, the post-test was only available for 11 days whilst for others it was available for 12 days.

  •    For instance, participant: 66445 or 66437

For some participants, like 66428, there are only 2 data points. Again, if this student just wasn’t motivated to fill it in, we would get “expired” as a data point, which would still result in 12 data points.

We are not sure as to why this could have happened. There should be no settings specified for specific participants, so at least they should all get 12 questionnaires.

We would very much like to solve this problem as we are planning to use the same questionnaires for a different sample in two weeks.

We hope that you have an idea as to what we could do,
Kind regards,
Lucija Andre and Luuk van Griensven, University of Amsterdam

Dear Lucija,

The issue you mentioned is being handled in the e-mail correspondence with you. So let’s have our conversation there.

For the record, let’s briefly say that taking a look at “Participant Audit Logs” section of the researchers dashboard can help you to identify the root causes of issues like this. There you can see the logs recorded by the participants’ devices from their actions on the application.

Sepehr Solouki