Participant with no reminders

Good afternoon,

One of my participants was not conducting the surveys anymore. I sent him a reminder and to ask if something is wrong. He explained to me that he is not receiving reminders anymore through Ethica. Is there a way where I can check this myself? The Ethica ID of this participant is 67252. Thank you.

Stephan Tap

Dear Stephan,

Thank you for contacting our software support team. We apologize for the delay in our response.

Upon checking our records, we can confirm that the participant you mentioned has been receiving notifications and has interacted with most of them. Based on our database, the participant’s log since February 5th with the Activity ID 15654 is as follows:

2023-02-05 tapped
2023-02-06 prompted
2023-02-07 tapped
2023-02-08 tapped
2023-02-09 prompted
2023-02-10 tapped
2023-02-11 tapped
2023-02-12 tapped
2023-02-13 tapped
2023-02-14 tapped
2023-02-15 dismissed
2023-02-17 tapped
2023-02-18 tapped
2023-02-19 scheduled by os

Please let us know if the participant is supposed to receive notifications for any other activity, and we will be glad to assist you further.