Participant receives two surveys each time

Dear support team,

One of the participants (EID 72571) in our study (3122) seems to receive two surveys at each time interval. I asked this participant if they indeed received two questionnaires, but they didn’t. However, when I export the data, they have one completed questionnaire and one missing at each time point. How can I solve this?



Dear @h.j.m.nieterau,

I asked one of my colleagues to investigate this issue. He will get back to you by Sun.


Dear @h.j.m.nieterau ,

Sorry for the inconvenience you are facing.

The problem is that the application of the participant you mentioned hasn’t been reloaded and synced with the server, most likely after a change you might have had applied and updated the properties of the survey sessions of him.

This issue would be solved by going to the “Participation” tab in your dashboard, selecting your participant and hit “Reload Devices” button.

We’re currently looking into how exactly this issue has happened so we could come up with measures to prevent such discrepancy again.

Please inform us if the approach I mentioned above didn’t solve the issue.


Dear Sepehr,

This seems to work. Thank you!