Participant randomly didn't receive surveys for a day

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In one of our studies (1309), we received a message from a participant (Ethica ID #34433) who has been in the study since January 4 but who randomly didn’t receive any surveys yesterday (January 14), but did the day before and also today. They said they hadn’t changed anything in the settings of their phone.

Looking at their data, I see indeed that yesterday all questionnaires were scheduled, but that there is no Issued Time, Response Time, and also that the Device ID is missing. Furthermore, it says the surveys expired. Could you perhaps tell me what could have caused this problem? This way, we can hopefully prevent it in the future!

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Update, the same thing seems to have happened in study 1304 for the participant with Ethica User ID #35197, but less orderly. Specifically, I see that on several days, there were scheduled surveys that for some reason weren’t delivered correctly (again, with a missing Issued Time, Response Time, and Device ID, with the survey saying it expired).

Could you help me understand what might have gone wrong?


Hi @e.l.demoor

We are aware of this issue, and are looking into this. It impacted a handful of participants across our system, where their surveys were marked as Expired without being presented. We received an automatic alert about this on the same day and fixed the surveys, that’s why the participants continued receiving the surveys. But we don’t know the root cause just yet. My colleagues are working on it.

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Hi @m.hashemian,

Thank you for your response. We will await further diagnosis of the problem then!


hi @m.hashemian,

Also in 1304, there are two more participants experiencing issues, namely User #35246 and #35257


And in 1308 for participants #35310, #35304, #35287, #35255, #35204, #35188, and #35184, #35165.

Hi @e.l.demoor

The following participants from the study 1308 experienced this issue:


And their issue is already resolved.

For the other participants you mentioned, they were not impacted by this issue. If there is any other problem, please report it separately and we will work on it.

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