Participant cannot upload response

Dear Ethica team,

One of the participants (EID 56023) for study 2242 has let us know that they are unable to upload their responses. They receive an error that something went wrong when they try to sync their data.
What could I do to help them?

Best wishes,

Hi @c.armour,

It should have been a temporary issue. As I checked, the participant has been successfully submitting responses with the most recent response submitted at 2022-06-06 18:05:08.08+00.

If responses won’t get submitted right away and the client faces an error like the one you mentioned, the app retry submitting the responses in the background so there won’t be any lost responses etc.

Let us know if still had any issues,


Hi Faham,

Thank you so much for your response. The participant was able to upload their responses later on as your suggested.
We have another participant (56432) who is not receiving any notifications from ethica. They were first using a laptop and we suggested they instead download the app on their phone and give permission to send the notifications. The participant followed our advice, however, they are still not receiving any notifications. Do you have any advice on how to solve this issue?

the Rise Team

Hi @c.armour,

I checked your participant’s logs, and they receive the notifications in their mobile application. Would you please ask them to recheck the configurations and ensure that notifications are enabled?

Let me know if it doesn’t solve the issue.

Kind regards,
Mohammad Hossein