Ordering of Surveys on App

Hi - I am working on a study that has a lot of surveys that show up at the same time. I also imported some old surveys and created some new ones - the way I set it up the surveys aren’t being displayed in the order I would like them to be to the participant. I thought you could reorder the surveys, but I can’t figure out how. Can someone help guide me through this? Currently It goes step 1 to Step 5 to Step 2, etc. I want all the surveys to be visible at once so that participants have an idea of what they all need to complete still, but have them in the proper order on the screen.

Hi @jen917

Unfortunately Ethica does not support ordering surveys that are shown in the home screen of the app. If they are supposed to be part of the same survey (i.e. the participant has to respond to the first one and then second one etc.) the only solution I can think of is to include all of them in the same survey.


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Okay thanks - I am not sure if that will work… I will check with the student who put in the surveys and the lead on the project.