Notifications are not sent

Hi there,

I noticed that for my study (study id 2045) several notifications are not sent for some participants, leaving us with missing data.

For example in the last few days notifications have not been sent to

67252 on may 2nd

68499 may 2nd

70355 may 2nd

70355 may 1st

66244 may 2nd

68499 may 1nd

67252 may 1nd

How can i prevent this? Solve this?

Potentially related to this

For 66261 sessions are blocked. We experienced this issue earlier because we did not set the right expiration date on the surveys, but now we did and yet the surveys are blocked. I reloaded all devices now, which may be the solution for this specific issue, but regarding the notifications that are at the status ‘’ sending’ while not being sent, i need an urgent solution!

Thank you in advance!

Hi @a.m.kaag

I have examined the cases you referenced. It is crucial to first comprehend our notification system. We are unable to modify the statuses of In-App notifications for users who are offline, as these are scheduled within the mobile application and require the user to be online and submit an update. For instance, the last logs for the following two participants are:

  • 68499: 2023-05-04
  • 67252: 2023-04-14

You may observe that their Email notification statuses display “Success,” whereas their In-App notification statuses show “Sending” (indicating the mobile app is awaiting a status update).

I have also looked into the other users you mentioned, and it appears that they are receiving notifications without any problems. Could you please provide more details about the issue you are experiencing?


Hi Mohammed,

So if i understand it correctly, if the notification is not able to be sent, this is because the mobile phone is offline? For participant, 68499, what would be the solution to get the notifications? Then i can let them know what to do! Could it be that they may have deleted the app?

With regard to 66261, there are sessions blocked, but i do not understand why? Do you have an idea?


Dear @a.m.kaag

The notifications are being sent, but their status in your dashboard won’t get updated, because the mobile app should send the latest status of the notification to the server. They possibly deleted their application, hence we won’t be able to update any statuses (whether notification or session)

About the blocked session, please check out the following thread:

If it’s still vague to you or you have any other questions about it, don’t hesitate to ask them here.


Hi there,

Based on that thread i have set an expiration date on the surveys so that shouldnot be the problem. Are there any reasons why these surveys may be blocked?

No there shouldn’t be any other problem.
But please make sure that you understand the “Blocked” state. if you have a lot of time triggering logic to pop an activity every 10 minutes and set the expiry time to an hour, there are still chances that you have blocked sessions. (e.g. the participant didn’t check their phone for 20 minutes)