Notification were not send

we created two surveys for the morning and evening. Afterwards, we created a template for notifications. Unfortunately, no notifications were send. What can we do about that?

Hi @lea.wohlfarth,

Could you please provide your Study ID? Did you link the created notification templates to the two surveys?

More info on how to create notifications for activities can be found here.


Hello faham,
yes, the Study ID is: 3592. I created them and linked them to the surveys.

Kind regards,

Hello @lea.wohlfarth,

I have reviewed your study and confirmed that we have been sending notifications to all the participants who have at least one active notification medium since 18th Nov. If some of your participants are not receiving notifications, please send me their AID, so I can investigate further. Also, please make sure that they are using our Android or iOS app and that they have enabled the notifications on their device.

Please note that the notifications that you see on your researcher dashboard are sorted by time, so the ones on the top are the ones that are scheduled to be sent in the future. To see the current notifications, you need to scroll down to the current date and check their status.

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please let me know.