Not aswered surveys


I would like to ask about several participants (70030, 70016, 69944, 69893, 69877 to name a few) who have joined a study (2652) but appear to have not responded to surveys 17494 and 17755 (which are the surveys that welcome participants to the study). Both surveys have a duration of 3 hours but they keep appearing as “Not answered”, which I understand cannot be since they should be expired. In the same way, some participants have pointed out to me that when opening the survey notification, it appears as if it were not available.

I would really appreciate it if you could explain to me why this happens and how it can be corrected.

Regards and thanks.

PS: My English is not very good so I hope you understand my doubts.


Just wanted to chime in and let you know that we are having the same issue in our study. For participants who have joined our study since March 10th, all surveys are marked as “not answered” (none of them are “expired”). Maybe there is an issue with the app?

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Hi @s.neira03,

I just tried these scenarios and could successfully respond to my survey. Can I join your study as a participant and see if I can replicate the issue there?

Please use audit trails to investigate what scenarios the participant’s are experiencing:

User 70030 has closed the Ethica app on March 27th.
User 70016 did open the surveys based on their audit but left those prompted sessions Unaswered.
User 69944: their session is scheduled for March 29th and based on their audit trail, they’ve not interacted with our servers today.
User 69893: they’ve closed the application on March 23rd.
User 69877: their device did not communicate with our servers since March 22nd.


Hi @laurien.meijer,

Also for your Study ID 2240 participant audit logs should be investigated. Here for example it’s apparent user 65066 has closed their application on Feb 26, and since then, they didn’t have any communication with our servers.