Not Answered Meaning?


I could not find this in your documentation. Looking at the survey response progress there is a category called ‘Not Answered’ - we are having a considerable problem with one user - they say they are not receiving the sessions. And half of the participant’s chart refers to this ‘not answered’ category?

Is this a problem on our end or with the device?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @harrietrosegalvin

Ethica creates all sessions for a participant ahead of time and sends them to his or her phone. The status of the sessions is initially set to Not Answered. As the scheduled time of the session arrives and the status of it is determined, it’s updated to a different value, e.g. Blocked, Expired, Cancelled, or Completed.

While the server has not heard from the participant’s app about the status of the session, the session remains as Not Answered. This is normal for future sessions, because their time has not come yet. But for the past sessions, if they are still marked as Not Answered, it means participant’s app has not been online since the session was prompted, and therefore the server does not know what is the status of the session.

Hope this clarifies.


Could you please explain the meaning of the ‘Blocked’ category from activity sessions? Thanks.

Hi @seanwk21, Please take a look at the documentation for more information on blocked sessions.