No notifications are triggered

My surveys have the following structure:

We have 3 surveys per day: morning, midday & evening.
And for each we have 2 versions (with different language).
Additionally, we have another survey that asks for the age of the participant - this will be triggered right after joining the study.

So in the end, every participant should give information about their age and then (based on the age) should get 3 surveys per day.

The triggering of the surveys itselfs works fine - so the age-criteria when triggering the surveys works.

But we also have 4 notifications templates for every survey. One should trigger right after the relase of the survey, the 2nd 30 minutes after, the 3rd 60 minutes and the last 90 minutes after. So for example “morning_agegroup1_30” Would be the notification for the morning survey in the first age group which should be display 30 minutes after survey release.

Since the survey release is displayed via criteria (one only shows for age 18+ and the other for below 18), I did not include any criteria for the triggering of the notifications.

But even in the scheduled notifications list, there are only the midday-notifications displayed… why dont the others work? And even those that are display dont actually show up.

I have no idea why none of the notifications are triggered.

To each of the 6 surveys, 4 corresponding notifications are linked (0, 30, 60, 90 minutes delay until notification).

Any idea on how to make them work?

Hi @ican,

Sorry for the late reply. Looks like participant 59770 has removed their registration in the study. Let me know if you are still having issues with another participant so I can look into it.