NA's in time stamps in sessions

Hi, in Sessions for study 1018, subject 25032 for all surveys (eg 5254) I don’t see the time stamps; just N/A -> N/A. Is this a bug, should a newer app version be installed on the phone, or is there something wrong in the survey json? Best, Jan

Hi @janhoutveen

I assume you are talking about the Activity Sessions page at this URL:

I checked there and all sessions were shown correctly:

The only N/A is shown for the last one because the participant has not answered it yet (or has not uploaded the answer to Ethica servers yet).

Thank you

Interesting; this is what I see:

This might be a display issue. Can you tell me which browser/version/operating system you are using?

Mohammad, Thanks! You are completely right on this; it does not work using Firefox 77.0.1 (64-bits) on Windows 10, but it does work using microsoft Edge. Regards Jan

Thanks, @janhoutveen . I’ve asked my colleagues to look into this.