Mobile Data Upload

Hi again,

I was wondering how I can estimate the amount of mobile data usage there will be for uploading surveys (without Wi-fi). I plan to prompt surveys 3 times a day for 3 weeks, and at the end of the 3 weeks also manually “sync data”. Could you perhaps help with this estimation?

Thanks so much in advance!

Unfortunately we do not track the amount of traffic used to upload survey responses, but survey responses are all textual data and are very small in general. Even if your survey has 100 questions, and each question contains 4 lines of text and the response also contains 4 lines of text, the entire survey response is around 50kb.

Note that if your survey is asking for an audio recording, image, or a video capture, that can increase the size disproportionately. So in my calculation above I assume the response does not have any media file.

Hope it helps.

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Just FYI, about the data upload: Ethica will upload data automatically when the phone is idle (and if that option is enabled, in wifi range). So you will receive the data progressively through the 3 weeks.


Thanks so much. Indeed, the survey is collecting only textual data so this was the estimation I needed to inform participants. Appreciate it!

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