Looking for support re: determining survey duration from other researchers who use Ethica

Hi there, I’ve been a long time user of Ethica and I’m encountering an issue that I think that other researchers who have used Ethica may have run into before, therefore I am specifically seeking out support from this category of folks. I conducted a study in 2017 and have a manuscript for this project that is in revision. The reviewers have asked for descriptive statistics to answer the question, “How long did the survey take on average, and what is the standard deviation across all participants and assessments?” I am pretty sure that this is a standard question that most researchers have had to answer.

Unfortunately, my dataset does not yield this information, although it tells me how much time elapsed between: 1) the notification going out and 2) when the participant responded to it, but this is not information I am interested in. I am interested in how long each survey took across assessments and participants. I have reached out to Ethica about this and have been informed that they do have data regarding how long it took for each participant to complete each question of each survey. This means that in order to get the information I need, I’ll have to write a script that aggregates all of this information for each assessment and each participants (~100 questions x ~11,000 assessments in total). But, I am not well-versed in programming, so this would take me a really long time to figure out. My question is: has anyone else dealt with this problem before? If so, are you willing to share code for doing this? I am in a time crunch and would also be willing to compensate anyone who is willing to help me.

Thanks in advance for any help,