Last recorded data

Hi all.
I am new to EthicaData and I am running a study. I just added two participants (with the New App). The problem is that when I clic on ‘Adherence’, under the ‘Last recorded data’ column, it is written NEVER but the participants have actually submitted their answers to the surveys. Is there something the participants need to do in order for the data to be recorded?

Thank you very much for your time and help.

Hi @kingsbury.celia

I believe @amin discussed this issue with you in the chat. I’ll include his response here for reference:

Hi @kingsbury.celia
Welcome! I certainly can help with your question. The “Last Recorded Data” in the “Adherence” page is a bit confusing. It refers to the last time the website received any “Sensor” data, and does not include survey responses in its calculations. That’s why you see for these individuals it shows “Never” even though they already have provided some survey responses. But as they have not uploaded any sensor data, it says “Lat Recorded Data” is “Never”.
Hope this clarifies the confusion.