Language Capability

Is it possible to have a single activity (i.e., one survey) but participants select which language they would like the survey to be issued in. Or do I have to create 2 activities and publish them to participants separately. This would of course create two data sets. Ideally, we would want one data set.

Hi @harrietrosegalvin

You do not have to create two surveys. All you need to do is to enter different translations for each content of the survey. Unfortunately this is new feature we had added and still is not available through our Survey Editor, and we expect to add it there within the next month or so.

In the meantime, if you are comfortable with modifying JSON file, you can do it as explained in this schema. For example:

    "question_id": 5,
    "question_content": "<p>Please specify what were you doing during this time:</p>",
    "question_content_translation": {
        "en-US": "<p>Please specify what were you doing during this time:</p>",
        "es-US": "<p>Por favor, especifique qué estaba haciendo durante este tiempo:</p>"

Hope it helps,

Hi Mohammad,

I was wondering whether this was available through the survey editor yet?


Also, how do I check the translation was successful? I think I have edited the file correctly - but where is it possible to preview this?

Hi @harrietrosegalvin, the enhanced multilingual capabilities for Survey Editor is aimed to roll-out by the end of Jan 2021.

To test your survey in action you can always join the study as a participant and see how the survey is working.

Hope this helps, please let us know if had any other quesitons,


Hi Faham,

I just wanted to check on the progress of the translation capabilities through the online survey editor. Do you know when this functionality will become available?


Hi @harrietrosegalvin

We are doing final tests on it, the plan is to have it live within the next two weeks (we wanted to release it this week, though there has been some delays).


Hi @harrietrosegalvin just wanted to let you know the new release is finally out there. Please let us know if you had any issue with it.