Issues with exporting surveys that contain text data

Hi There,

I am having issues with exporting the data. I have gone over the forum and did see that there are some export issues when opening CSV files in Excel, so i tried to open them with Jamovi and it succesfully opened 3 of the 4 surveys. However, one of the surveys (15654), fails to open succesfully, probably because there are a lot of text files in there, in which users use comma’s (ethica ID:2045). Would you have an advice in which software to best open these exports?

Dear @a.m.kaag,

Are you using the new format? If yes, you shouldn’t have any problem since we’re not only separating columns with commas but setting quote characters to prevent issues like the one you mentioned.
If you’re using the old format, you might face this issue which we highly suggest switching to the new format.

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