Issues Accessing Surveys

A few of my participants were enrolled in my study two weeks ago, and some were enrolled this week. The participants enrolled this week are able to access surveys, while the ones from two weeks are unable to. They see no updates in the app store for the Ethica native app. Any help would be appreciated!


Hi Anishaa,
Thanks for reaching out. Would you please share the ID of the study and participants who have have faced this issue.


Hi Amin,

The survey ID is #3824. Participants facing this issue are #12983 #12986 #12984 #12990 #12981 #12982 #5533 #12985 #5514 #12987 #12991 #13001 #13002. The issue seems to be partly resolved today.


Hi @anishaa,

I checked the data from the participants you listed above, and they seem to have all the data provided by them. For example, 5533 has provided data for 93% of the time. Can you please check which of these individuals still have the issue and what is specifically the problem?

Thank you,

It was actually for surveys, but it seems the issue has been resolved. Thank you for your help!