Is there a way of tracking the number of notifications?


I would like to ask if there is a way if registering the number of pop-up notifications received in specific time frame? By that I mean notifications from all apps that the participant received on his phone (including Ethica). Not sure if this is relevant, but we do have an institutional license (University of Amsterdam).
I tried to search in the data sources/digital footprint but did not find such option, but since this feels like a concept very related to App usage (which you do track), I figured I will check with you.

Thank you!

Dear Michaela,

Thanks for posting your question here in Ethica Forum.
Although the Ethica app records different information from data sources, which you can find in Audit Trail tab, it does not record the number of in-app notifications from all apps. As a result, counting the number of notifications from all apps in a time frame is impossible.

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