iOS location settings issues

Wondering what to suggest to a participant who has an iPhone 7 but is having difficulty allowing location.

It doesn’t even come up as an option.

And then if you look under location services, the Ethica app isn’t there.

Hi Klaberee.
Can you please share the study and participant ID with us. Regardless, please instruct the participant to update the application from the app’s Settings menu to make sure the study is loaded correctly. If the study is not loaded in the app, the location permission will not be asked and thereby it won’t be shown in the phone’s Settings menu.


Hi Amin

It is Study 730; participant 14287

I will ask her to update the application.


Hey @klaberee,

I believe what @amin meant is that the Ethica app only asks for GPS permission when the participant is registered in a study that requires GPS. If the participant is not part of any study, or if she is part of a study that does not require GPS, the app does not appear in the list of apps which ask for GPS permission (as you showed in the screenshots).

Your study does need GPS data and the participant is registered in this study, so I guess the problem is that the registration is not fully loaded in the app. So the participant should go to the app, open Settings, and press Update Studies, to reload the studies. That should ask for GPS permission then.

Hope it helps

Looks like it’s working now! Thanks! Karen

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