iOS app crashes on latest version

since the latest update to the app on my iPhone, the app is crashing and will not open. i have uninstalled the app and have restarted phone. neither attempt (or combination of the two) has fixed the app on my iPhone.

i have an iPhone 8 plus and running iOS 14.8.1. App version is version 531.

Hi @activate.4017

There is a bug in our latest iOS app which causes the crash on iPhone devices with iOS 14.x. We are working on a resolve and should be able to release the fix by sometime tomorrow.


Hi. I am experiencing the same issues. I updated the app just now and the app is still crashing.

Yes, I am experiencing this issue as well with one of our participants!

Hi all,

The problem was with the latest Apple Development toolset causing all iOS apps which are using a certain database, and are uploaded to the store within the past week to crash on iOS 14 (details are here, and Appleā€™s fix is reported here).

We implemented the workaround for this and released it to the App Store yesterday.

Participants who have this problem should update to the latest version of our iPhone app.

Hope this helps

Hi! Thank you for working on this. I just want to double check, which version number does the latest version of the app have?

Hi @l.h.c.janssen

The latest version is 537.

Thank you

Hi, I can only see the version 531 in the app store. We encounter the same difficulty as described above. How can we find this latest 537 version?
Thank you!