Invitation via email - participants do not receive an email


We wanted to do a pilot test with our study today. However, it already does not work to send out the invitations via email. Although we check the field saying “Send an invitation email to each participant” and Ethica gives us the feedback that all participants were invited successfully, no one received an email.
Do you have any idea why this is the case?

Thanks in advance! Amelie

Hi @amelie_schleich

Thanks for reporting this. I just checked and the “Invite Participant” email worked as expected. Just for a test, I sent an invitation to your Gmail account. Please check whether you have received it.

There is a possibility that the email is marked as spam maybe? We are using Amazon for emails, and there has not been any problem with main email server providers.

Hope it helps,

Hi Mohammad,

Yes, I received your email. We tested it with four people yesterday and no one received an email. I tried it now again with my student mail and there I did not receive an email (also not as spam), but with another Gmail address, it worked.
So, I just hope it will work for all participant’s emails.

If the email is received by Gmail but not another email address, likely there is an issue with the other mailing address. Can you tell me what is the other mail server (assume it’s not


The student mail email is also a Gmail, so, but the account is hosted by Gmail.