Intro Survey not automatically triggered after joining

I am having trouble setting up the intro survey that participants will be prompted to do as soon as they sign up for my study. It was working before, but now the dashboard has changed and the survey I was hoping participants will be prompted to do immediately when they join a study no longer does that for new participants when they download the app and join the study. Reading through the new information it seems like that I should define the survey as an “Eligibility” Trigger logic, but in the survey editor it does not let me select it as a TL. Instead, it asks me to specify an eligibility criteria. But how am I supposed to specify an eligibility criteria TL if I cannot first present an intro survey to determine that eligibility criteria?

my study is #760

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Hi @matthew.philp

Ethica does not have any survey as Intro Survey. You can see the list of available triggering logics here.. If you intend to ask a survey immediately when the participant join your study, you would need to use a survey with Time Triggered Logic, configured to be presented at time 0 relative to the participant’s registration time (more on that here).

You mentioned you are trying to use Eligibility survey for this purpose. That’s useful if you want to present the survey before the participant has joined in the study. In this case, you would need to add your questions and define eligibility criteria, as described here.

Please check the documents I linked above, and if there are more questions, I’ll be happy to help.


Thank you for your response. Yes I have set up the Time Triggered Logic to present at time 0, but when I test it and join the study from my phone it is not automatically being prompted. It just shows me the basic menu screen of the Ethica App with the “About Study” and “Data Sources” buttons. No notification to complete the study.


Thanks for clarification @matthew.philp. Assuming you create a survey to be prompted at time 0 for your study, when a participant successfully registers in the study, the app shows a notification (a red bar) on top. If the participant taps on that notification bar, they can start the survey from there.

Can you confirm you do see this notification bar after joining in the study?

I understand this is not very intuitive, and at the moment we are working on the user experience of this component which we hope to release within the next couple of months.


Yes, that is what I expected to happen. But the red bar does not appear. Is this because I have been testing it on my phone and despite deleting my participant data, there is something in the background that thinks I have already completed it?

If you are able to check, my surveys are #758, #759, and #760.

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When you delete a participation, the data provided by that participant will not be deleted. So when the participant joins the study again, as they already have responded to those surveys previously, they will not receive those surveys again. If you are reusing the same account to re-join the study, I suspect that’s why you are not receiving the surveys.

Note that if you want to test the study and the survey flow, you can find some useful tips here.


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I have a relatively similar issue - I want my partipcants to complete the survey immediately after they join the study and then repeat every two weeks from that registration and first completion date. What should be my parameters in “Triggering Logic” - first trigger after 0 days and days at ? It’s not clear to me - and when I test the schedule it does not give me what I’m looking for,

Note that your link (“more on that here”), in your answer above, isn’t working any more : )

Thanks for your help

Guillaume (study ID: 1813 / study-name: CONTENT-app / survey ID: 12598)

Hi @guillaume.chevance

The link is moved to here. That answers your question. I suggest you read our documentation before deploying your study. There is a lot that otherwise may go wrong inadvertently and impact your data collection.


Thanks Mohammad, unfortunatly it’s still unclear to me and none of the examples provide on your tutorial seems to match. I would like to trigger the activity at the first interaction with the app -like, they downoload the app and get the activity in the minute- and obviously I do not know when, during the day, my participants will download it; how can I deal with that?

Many thanks for your help

To achieve this, you need to create your survey with one triggering logic that is set to be relative to the “Registration Time” with offset of 0. This means the survey will be triggered 0 seconds after the participant registers in the study, i.e. right away.

More on that here.


Thanks - I’ll try that!

Dear Mohammad - it does not works neither - I tried with me and other participants and they do not receive any notifications after having installed the app (please see also the schedule that indicate that the first activity will be trigger two week after the registration time) - what is wrong there please?

@guillaume.chevance would you mind sharing the participant ID with me? I can check. Thanks.