Interpreting Screen State Data

I have a few cases of two “False” in a row when I export the Screen State Data. Is there an explanation for why this might be happening?

Thank you.

Hi @matthew.philp

This happens when the app is terminated and then started again during the data collection. It’s common that apps running in the background can get terminated, and then started again sometime later by the Android or iPhone operating system.

When Ethica starts, it records the current state of the screen, and then keeps listening for any state changes. If you have two consecutive False, or two consecutive True, that means Ethica recorded the first False (or True), then got terminated, then got started again, checked the state (as to the app, it was just being loaded), the state was False (or True), and wrote another False (or True).

I hope this explains the technical reason behind why this is happening. In terms of how to process them, one way would be to eliminate the 2nd False or True, as this was basically the app trying to record the “current state”.