Images in questions too small

Why are the images when embedded into questions showing up so small on my device? How can you fix this?

Dear Ms. Woolley,

Thank you for reaching out. I understand your concern about the embedded images appearing small on your device. May I inquire if you observe these images in the survey editor’s questions? I’d like to ensure that these images appear small within the researchers’ panel. If your answer is Yes, I’d like to inform you that I have raised the issue with our technical team, and we are actively working to find a solution. However, if your answer is No, kindly respond to this email, providing more details. If possible, please share some screenshots of the affected page and mention the name of your browser.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Warm regards

Thanks! the image also aprears small in the research panel and then small when seen on a device. However, when we preview (by selecting preview survey) the survey in the researcher panel it is large.

Dear Ms. Woolley,
Thank you for your feedback.

I have relayed your concerns to our Product and Tech teams. They are looking into it to ensure a better experience for you and our other clients. While I cannot provide a specific timeline at this moment, please be assured that it has been prioritized in our task queue and will be addressed as soon as possible.

We appreciate your patience
Kind regards