How to re-add participants to a study following a change


I was wondering how I can re-add participants to a study if they have already taken part. I am having to alter someof my surveys and the pp’s are willing to retake them, however when they enter the code the study won’t allow them to rejoin stating ‘study finished’ or ‘you are already part of the study’?

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @a.williams12

Unfortunately not. What you can do is to delete their participation, and then they can join again. In order to delete their participation, go to the Participation -> Adherence page, and in the row which shows that participant’s ID, from the right side, click on the menu and choose “Delete Participant”.

Hope this helps.

Hi Mohammad,

That’s ok, I can save their data first I suppose and then do as you stated?

Thank you very much,

Yes, but if you are testing the setup of your study, my suggestion is for the participant to create a new account, otherwise they might run into unexpected issues. Ethica is not designed to have a participant participating in a study multiple times, and doing so can lead into unexpected issues.