How to invite existing participants into a Bluetooth Beacon substudy?

I am commencing a Bluetooth Beacon substudy on Thursday, as part of a larger Study. It will have 9 new participants and three existing participants. The procedure for how to invite the new participants seems clear enough. However, how do I include the three existing participants?

Hi @atdutoit

You cannot invite participants who are already in the study. That wouldn’t make sense! If they open the Ethica app (or if they don’t have it, when they reinstall it and log into the Ethica app), they should have access to the study again.

Hope this helps

Hey Mohammad,
I had a good long read of the Bluetooth study docs on the site, and also the study invitation section, and got it sorted out. There’s now eight people using Bluetooth Beacons, with four more to either sign up or receive their Beacons (NB I’d originally said 10 so that’s a slight contract variation).
I downloaded some data this morning and was able to see how the RSSI varied with the distance people were sitting from me. Very satisfying and also promising!

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Glad to hear things are working as expected :slight_smile: