How to include notifications in Stroop activity?

Hi there, I am designing two Stroop Color Word test activities and I added a time triggering logic. However, when I pilot my study I do not get a notification to do the Stroop activity. How can I make sure that I get a notification of this?
Also, I would like to perfrom a congruent Stroop activity and an incongruent Stroop activity and that these two can be set after each other. Is there a possibility to do this?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Dear Laura,

Currently, Notifications for activities other than Surveys are not supported through the Researcher Dashboard. We’ll probably have an update next week which will have this feature.

About the second part, we don’t support the necessary triggering logics or composite activities (if you want the 2nd activity to be automatically prompted after submitting the 1st one) for now.

Best regards,
Mojtaba Javan