How to count how many times each participant has answered the questionnaire?

Hi team,

We are doing a longitudinal survey, so each participants may answer our survey multiple times. For payment we need a variable which captures how many surveys participants filled in. Can this be added to the Avicenna projects? I didn’t find it in the documentation. Do you know if this can be done or not?

Thanks for your help.

Dear Heying,

Thank you for reaching out.

If your study involves only one activity, such as a single survey, you can find the relevant data on the Participation page. The Session Stats column provides the information you’re looking for:

For more details, please refer to our Learn: Participation | Avicenna Learn

If your study has multiple activities, and you’re interested in survey-specific statistics, you can navigate to the Sessions page, download all sessions as a CSV file, and analyze the data using spreadsheet software. If you prefer a more intuitive solution, feel free to contact our Sales team at

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