History survey responses in-app

Recently participants can view their own responses again in the application. However this seems to work for some - but not all - of my participants. When clicking on a Study in the app, History does not appear with e.g. participant 14123 from study 1442. With other participants this does show, so that they can read their previous answers at a later stage.
I cannot see where to (un)mark this feature in the renewed researcher dashboard. How can I make sure that this participant can see her own reponses again?
Thanks in advance,

Hi @d.hulsmans

Sorry this is our mistake. We are working on this feature behind the scene. Android and iOS apps have this functionality at the moment, but our web-app does not have it.

We removed the option to enable this feature, and assumed that no one can enable it anymore, hence the feature will remain as hidden. I double checked and this feature is set to “Disabled” in your survey.

Can you tell me which participants can see this option? (their ID would be useful).

Thanks a lot,

Thanks for your reply Mohammad!
I don’t know from all participants whether they can or cannot see it, but I know that for example participant ID 33612 can see this option. Like I said, participant 14123 cannot see it on her Android device and would very much like to. Before your recent update, I heard from many participants that they regret that they could not see their own previous responses. Hence this question :slight_smile:

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Hi Daan,

We configured the survey properly and refreshed the devices of the participants. This should be handled now.

Sorry for the mix up.